I don't get what's happening with this guy? Does he like me? What's up?

I want no judgement in the comments, all I shall say.

I'm an attractive girl, I know that for sure, but the past few years I've been pretty shy in the boy department. I'm so nervous I don't even know why. It's dumb but it's just the way I am.

When I was with some friends we went on omegle. (For a joke.) Everyone then went to sleep but I couldn't so, just for fun, I kept trying to find people to chat to. Soon this guy and I were chatting and I found him interesting. He was complementing me and stuff but I played seriously hard to get. Also, it is omegle, so I was careful.

I guess we've been talking for a few weeks on Skype now and he seems to really like me. He's trustworthy and we talk about loads of stuff. I was very "hard to get" with him, especially at the start. I acted cocky too, letting on I believed myself to be hot and such.

When we first did sexual stuff, he got completely naked but I just showed my bra, kind of showed him who's boss. But anyways, he complements me a lot, tells me I'm really pretty for no reason.

We've been texting too but it seems he takes a while to reply, but I know he's read it (cause little read icon comes up.) he's pretty lacking in girls so I'm confused. I don't want him to think that I'm easy or desperate and I don't want to "date" him. But I kind of consider him a friend now, and still want the upper hand.

He smiles when we video message and he seems to really like me sometimes, then other times, even bored. Should I let him text me first etc. He said he might state hop to visit me next summer. I weirdly, would kind of like that. And all from omegle... wtf

Anyways, please help. Thank you
I don't get what's happening with this guy? Does he like me? What's up?
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