My Coworker: Oblivious, Busy or Not Interested?

I've been interested in a guy from work for about a month now. He's on another team but he and I get along pretty well. We've worked on side projects together and my intuition was telling me that this guy was interested in me (smiles a lot, prolonged staring, really attentive). We flirted at a Christmas party. During the holidays he invited me over for tea. I ended up staying for three hours and we had really good conversations. As I was leaving we've agreed to hang out after he returned from his family trip (he's the one who brought up the idea). He never got back to me. So I asked on the last day of our holiday break, and he mentioned he would like to come over later if he's not so tired, again, he never followed up that same night.

At work, he seems to behave the same. We talk, we laugh, he stares...

I invited him over this past weekend, he said he will sort out his plans and let me know. No surprise, he never got back about his plans. When I messaged him yesterday he said he had to work (on a paid side project). We talked a bit about his project and I gave him feedback, but no mentioning of plans to get together. No 'hey sorry I didn't get back to you'.

Honestly I'm a bit hurt and confused. Can't tell if he's oblivious, busy, or simply not interested enough. Should I drop it? Try something else? Confront him?

I can handle rejection, but being strung along is very frustrating. Help!
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I found out. He's neither oblivious, busy nor uninterested. He's depressive. Everything makes a lot of sense now.
My Coworker: Oblivious, Busy or Not Interested?
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