Quick Question About Texting?

I've been told that I am a great date; that I am fun and very confident in the way in which I speak. Unfortunately, while I am a fun guy in person, my text game is lacking. My texting game is so bad, that even if I do get in a few successful dates, they stop replying to me after a while when I text... and then I never hear from them again!

I am currently texting this girl, and things are going great so far. Got her to laugh a lot and she is very receptive of me. I made 1 sexual joke, and she didn't reply, but I shot out another funny joke and she replied and started talking to me again.

It's going on 12am where I live, and I just shot her a text about TV shows. She replied... but should I reply back right now? Should I wait until tomorrow to reply? I don't want her to lose interest in me if I reply too soon.

Anyone have any tips on texting game?
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Quick Question About Texting?
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