Guys, can you help me decipher this NICE guy?

I know it's long sorry.
I met this guy at my university a few days ago. He is really helpful and gave me his number in case I needed help. He told the same thing to another girl so I know he's one of those nice guys.
Here's the problem, he texts me first usually to see how work is going, if I need help and when I thank him to end the conversation but he'll start asking questions about things in general. I don't mind, it's good to make friends but he seems like he is constantly starring at me. In class he sits in front if me and I will be taking notes and he will turn back and look at me a few times and constantly look to the side and use peripheral vision. I will be putting things into my backpack and when I look up he is just observing me and looks away.

Two things that threw me off, the first time he texted me and helped me I thanked him and apologized for bugging him and he replied with, "yup, I like helping plus you're cute and fun so it's a win win" and when he was helping me at an office we were having a conversation about movies and he said a certain movie was a good date movie? .

The other was yesterday when I arranged to me up with my friend to have lunch and I sat down, as I was dialing her I am looking to see if I see her and I see him walking slowly towards me from afar. I waved and continued calling after I ended the call he was there standing and sat down next to me. My friend came and he was with us. It was nice to see her but awkward because I felt like I was being followed and we couldn't talk about other things.

I really don't know if he is just being nice or he has something going on for me but he is starting to make me uncomfortable, at the same time I don't want to hurt his feelings.
Guys, can you help me decipher this NICE guy?
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