How to talk with boys?

So I was going outside trough the hall in my school. Then there were a lot of people standig so I was trying to slip trough them. And I accidently ran into someone. I was like "Omg sorry!" With my sweet girly voice. So this guy turns aroud. He said nothing but DAAAMN he was so hawt. So I an kinda fangirling the while time about him. But I'm a freshman and he's a seniour. I can't JUST talk to him! He always stands with his "squad" My friend told me he likes acdc so like... We are so perf... ... ... never talked to him tough. And If you are gonna say just go to this group of boys and talk to him. No. At my school the older people really look down on you. Altough I am good looking and I look older. And I'm 175cm. But next weekend there is a party he's going to and me to. I'm going to dress very sexy. (For my 1st party ever... bc I'm a good girl...) and like. What do I do to know him better and become friends with him?
How to talk with boys?
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