Does this mean that I'm a rebound?

I've been flirting with this guy who broke up with his girlfriend of almost 5 years about 2 months ago. I know that it's really soon but I felt like I had really good timing and anyway, so he ended up figuring out that I had a crush on him.

We now talk every day via text or Facebook, and often he wants me to tell him things like how he's the best looking guy I know, and stuff like that, and it's all super flirty. We've almost never talked about his ex, except once when I brought her up (that's how I found out that he dumped her and not the other way around).

The other day I admitted to him something (let's just say that it's a fault of mine) and he responded by saying don't worry, my ex was like that too ;)

I know that in relationships that have potential to be a rebound, it's a huge no-no to bring up your ex. Does this count? So far I have never felt that I was a rebound, because he's never pushed for sex, never seemed angry or upset about his breakup, and the relationship was always focused on us. He's also been pretty good about keeping in touch and stuff, I don't think we've gone 24 hours without talking to each other... maybe once or twice but nothing that made me go crazy. But anyone would be nervous in my situation since the breakup is so fresh. How would you judge this situation?
Does this mean that I'm a rebound?
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