Guys Help? I need your opinion on thisgood or not so good/"bad"?

Hi, guys if you could say your own opinion on this it would be great and girls too if you want too :) thanks

I'm shy girl, only at the beginning but it changes as I get as I get to know the person plus I kinda have interest in him so makes me more nervous...
So today I went to the gym with my bro and I saw this gym guy there (known him for roughly a year "max") and I swear he has interest in me because he often looks at me, often is near me, he did talk to me one time by saying "hey can I use this machine" (did very few reps/counts) and he did cardio "treadmill running" for the first time (that was probably half a meter away from me but between glass) and I said this story to my friends "boys + girls) and they said he does have interest + my close friend said he kept looking at me as well when she came for a day.

SO ANYWAY I finally had the balls to talk to him and it went like: - M = me
CA = gym guy
M: - hey, how's it going?
CA: - Oh hey, going good.
M:- Sorry, its kinda loud
CA: - Oh going good.
M: - oh cool, I see you often and I just wanted to say hi "leave"
Obviously I was smiling but he kept smiling during the very short convo and had good eye contact plus as my bro and I were heading out the gym door, my bro said he kept looking at me and I did see that too.

I would've made the convo longer but my bro and I really had to leave plus I was kinda panicky in my mind D:
And before gym today I asked my bro on how to talk to him but he said just be chill, simple and say hey how's it going and do you go gym often etc but he said don't do "hey could you help me with this machine" because he said that was kinda stupid and you have me "bro".

So good or not so good? I was wondering if i sounded weird, creepy or if I just did terrible
What do you guys think? sorry for the long text
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Oh and I forgot
I'm very sure that he also asked me how I was doing as well.
+1 y
Yesterday I went to gym and he was there but he didn't say hi, when my bro went to the bathroom I felt like he was trying to talk to me as his friend was trying to push him towards me "with his hand movements" so the gym guy walked close towards me and then went back to his friend.(back fired?) I asked my bro "how come he didn't talk to me?" and my bro said that day I looked pretty focused since I couldn't go to gym for a week plus I didn't really look at him/smile "focused"
What do you think?
Guys Help? I need your opinion on thisgood or not so good/"bad"?
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