My crush broke the touch barrier, what do I do?

Hello, I have a crush for a guy at my local gym. I'm a very shy person so in the last few months I've sent a few mixed signals.. However (maybe it's just in my mind) sometimes I have the feeling that this guy could reciprocate the crush. The main problem is that we don't get the chance to talk much, but a few days ago I saw him talking with a sort of friend of mine (waiting for the class to start) I joined them and asked a few question to my friend, then I started to talk to him, he was really nice, talked to me a lot, I got the feeling that he was intrested in what I was saying, he asked questions about me and then suddenly he gently pinched my wrist. I was really happy about it, but to shy to do anything, I tried to show that I was pleased with more talk, I liked having him around. So what do you think about the broken touch berrier? He was just being nice or he was happy cause I showed interest in him?
My crush broke the touch barrier, what do I do?
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