So do you think he likes me?

So there's this guy on my swim team and he's a senior (I'm a freshman). I know that might seem weird but I'm pretty positive that he likes me. Here are a few examples of why I think that he likes me:
1. He always high fives me when he sees me and asks me how I am.
2. At our last meet he was always standing next to me and he was leaning against me.
3. At the same meet he shared a bunch of personal details about stuff with his mom and how he felt he had done poorly in his races (I told him he did great of course ;) )
4. Today at practice he swam in my lane today instead of the normal one he swims in.
5. When he was in my lane he took my water bottle and smiled at me and squirted it on my face. Then I squirted it on his face and he told me to aim for his mouth and I did and it was pretty funny.
6. He says bye to me when he leaves the pool deck

So... Do you think he likes me?
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Thanks to anyone who reads this all and answers my question :)
So do you think he likes me?
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