Advice on if this girl was checking me out?

I got on the bus i noticed this girl we shared eye contact and you can sometimes tell when a girl likes because of there eyes and facial expression.

This girl constantly kept stealing glances at me like constant to a point where i checked my reflection in my phone pretending txting, she curious when she thought i was txting lol.

She was on the bus with her grandmother must been helping her she was about around my age or in her 20's, her grandmother got the bus she stayed and the glances increased.

I thought i have live one here just about to make my move which its quite hard to start off a conversation on a bus with someone you don't know just when i was just about to go talk and maybe ask for her number.

What seems like her bf got on the bus they acted like a couple would.

So why was this girl constantly checking me out if she has a bf, any advice would be so appreciative.
Advice on if this girl was checking me out?
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