How can I let this guy I like look of know that it is cool to talk to me if he wants to?

So I'll be honest, I do not know how i've even had four bfs. I am shy as hell, shit at starting conversation with guys I like. Fair to say with all my exes they pursued then I rolled with it.

I am shy naturally but even more when I like a guy. I don't want to seem cheap by being flirty or making a guy think I am looking for a one night stand. so not sure how I strike up convo or show a guy I don't bite so they try talking with me.

I think I have a friendly face but I don't bounce about with a huge smile like a fool, but I get told I look closed off and got resting bitch face. Its true but behind it I am a soft hearted nice girl. But I do have a guard up most of time.

Guys go by vibes? So could this guy be thinking yeah I got no chance (if he likes me that is he may think I am uninterested but I am!!

So I see him whenever I go out, he lives and works in neighborhood. When I've entered his store he goes quiet and then looks down then says thank you. But whenever I pass by, walk by. I will be like across the road and his shop door is open. As he's behind till I feel him looking over so I take a look to an he's always staring at me. Its a lingering gaze and I don't take my eyes off till I've passed by. I am a slow walker too lol.

I know not a lot to go on but every guy I've liked I have always wanted to stare at them but scared to talk. Not sure if he's just checking me out? But everytime.. He knows what I look like so I don't know if he likes what he sees or is just looking cus he's bored.

So should I say hi next time I enter shop or just smile so he knows I am not unfriendly?
How can I let this guy I like look of know that it is cool to talk to me if he wants to?
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