Has friends with benefits fallen for me?

I've been in a fwb/fb relationship with a guy for more than 6 months. I know I've fallen for him already. No one else gets me like he does, I feel completely comfortable with him, Im happy, and when it comes to sex it's absolutely incredible. I have not felt this way for anyone else in my life. He smiles, hugs and kisses me on the cheeks every time he sees me. He always seems very happy around me, always makes me laugh, stares and smiles when im laughing my ass off lol, caresses my cheeks when no one is watching and unconsciously plays with my hands while we talk. Today, when he was at my place, he kept silent as I talked lol and smiled, hugged me, then kissed me and said he loved me and kept hugging me tightly. I said I loved him too... Do you think this was sincere.. since people just throw around the phrase. Should I trust my gut feeling
Has friends with benefits fallen for me?
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