Should I be ashamed of what happened with this girl?

There's this girl I'm interested in, and we've hooked up in the past. We were at a pool party and a group of us were playing keep away with a ball. I was in the middle and the girl I'm interested in kept getting the ball. She's almost as tall as I am so it wasn't a piece of cake getting the ball. After awhile she threw the ball back to someone, so next time it was headed her way, I kind of climbed up her to get it but I missed again. She threw the ball away and I went to get down but she wouldn't let me! She had me on her hip like a toddler with my legs around her waist. I didn't wanna make a commotion so I didn't struggle too hard to get away, and she started reading me and calling me little (even though I'm an inch taller and like 30 pounds heavier). The game had ended so I thought she'd let me down, but she just kept me there and started walking towards the stairs. I got really worried. I mean she's piggybacked me once but not for very long. She's a volleyball player so she has strong legs and of course she walked right up the stairs snd out of the pool carrying me. She walked all the way around the pool before putting me down. Nobody said anything about it to my face, but I feel like they'll think I'm a wimp. I'm actually got g to lunch with the girl soon. Should I bring it up?
Should I be ashamed of what happened with this girl?
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