How do I know if he likes me for real?

This guy I kind of like has been flirting with me lately and taking my phone and changing the passwords joking around changing it to say I love him and at one point I needed to find him to type in the password. He is always staring at me in class and he always wants to tell me things. He flirts childishly and I don't know if his game is just weak or if he gets nervous around me the way I do around him. I know he's flirting but I can't tell if he likes me. What do you guys think?

Also he hasn't been the nicest in front of his friends because I'm not that popular but he is. Now he has been acting nicer and my other question for the poll is Should I trust him with how he has been acting?
No! He was a jerk to you.
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Yes! He obviously changed his ways for you.
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How do I know if he likes me for real?
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