The Touch = Crush Theory?

So, everywhere I look, it says that if a guy touches you a lot, it means he's into you. Well, there's this guy that I've thought has liked me for a really long time now, and he always touches me. He sits near me, nudges me, tries to hug me, tries to hold my hand (and has, twice), touch my hands, and today, he even grabbed me from behind and (somewhat jokingly) said, "I know you feel safe around me." Does this mean he likes me?

On top of this he also:
• Always tries to make me laugh
• Is always smiling
• Asks to sit next to me
• Talks to me whenever he gets the chance
• Has asked me to go somewhere with him (twice; once to a party, and once to go cliff jumping)
• Seemed unaffected (if anything, more interested) when my sister told him that I "always talk about him" (although untrue)

Yes, touching is a definite sign that he/she likes you.
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It's only a sign if they do it often/all the time!
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The Touch = Crush Theory?
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