Does my internet not internet crush like me?

Does my crush like me? He's really hard to read and I can't tell... He calls me "bby" and "bae" ( then again, he calls everyone bae ) and he gives me tons of nicknames. We talk everyday and we always talk about our relationship when something bad happens. We always talk and say "night" to each other every night. He always starts the conversation and he doesn't like it when he hurts my feelings. He notices if I'm upset and always asks me what's wrong. We don't see each other in real life a lot, we aren't necessarily internet friends. He goes to a different school and we usually meet up once a week but stopped. ( because I want him to ask us to meet but I'm too stubborn lol ) He once asked me if I hated him and I told him I liked him and he said he felt the same. He sometimes uses the in-love emoji and uses hearts when he says,"bby" He tries to help me with my school work and he gives me advice with my problems. Please be honest. Thank you all for your time! :)
He doesn't like you.
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+1 y
He just texted me and said,"how are you BBY" and kept calling me bby xD
Does my internet not internet crush like me?
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