Sounds like my manager may like me?

My manager is the same age as me and has always seemed to show signs that he may like me. I notice that he'll talk openly to everyone but me, and when we do talk his face will blush and its very short. He also watches me to make sure I'm feeling ok since he knows about my health issues. I like him, but people say I'm out of his league!! I think I'm a pretty girl but I actually thought he would never give ME the time of day. It's confusing. So does it sound like he likes me by calling me at 10pm (3 hours after I had already left work) to tell me I did a good job at work that day? It was odd and I sounded really confused on the phone and he could sense it so he said, "I'm only calling to tell you now because if I don't I'll forget!" I found that a bit abnormal, because he didn't have to do that. Mm, I'm wondering if I'm reaching for straws here
Sounds like my manager may like me?
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