Does he like me or am I wasting my time **PLEASE HELP**?

Im the new girl at my work. New as in I've been working there bout 3 months. I am 19 years old, and my co-worker of interest is 17, about to be 18 in 2 months. Were both Christians.
William is so confusing, he is always giving me mixed signals and I can't tell how he feels about me!
When I first started working there, he would help me out with everything. Pretty soon, he started messing with me, he would put ice down my shirt, & I would his. Our coworkers would actually say we r flirting, we would both deny it.
but he didn't really even pay 1 bit of attntn. 2 me @ the Christmas party.
Well a few days after the Christmas party he started sitting next 2 me @ lunch. We all get our lunch at different times so, this doesn't happen often.. But its happened often enough for a fellow co-worker 2 ask if we were dating.
A few days prior another co-worker says to me out of the blue, "Everyone says you & William should go out you guys r always flirting"
The other day he randomly asked me who i thought was the coolest person @ our work and i didn't answer him but when i flipped the question he said I was. When his friends come in, or family, he introduces me 2 em. He always messes with me and tries to scare me. Last week I Wasn't feeling good, and he would say things like " I don't want you working if you're feeling sick thats not good for you, If you don't tell the manger to check if ur okay, then I will" & was getting a customers drink for me so I wouldn't have to do it.. because i was ill. *He says Hi to my mom whenever she comes to my work. *When my bother in law came in to eat , He shook his hand and sat next to my brother in law and I and we talked the whole time. *Yesterday he moved to my table because he said the "wifi reception was better at my table" even though it was just 1 table away. he randomly brings my name up in conversations. BUT, On the other hand…
He's never asked me for my number, Somedays just ignores me.
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What else can I do to make him see im interested, by the Way?
Does he like me or am I wasting my time **PLEASE HELP**?
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