Are we just friends or she attracted to me?

Were both Got partners

We are both in the same university and have known each other for over 2 years and we are both doing different courses and I have a crush on her

she would ignore me for a few weeks then come to talk again for about a week its been like this on and off for about 2 years

Now this what happens when I interact with her, and she does not do this with any other guy but me.

Torches me at on the back or arm as she walks past sometimes in a subtle way when people are not looking.

Went out in a group a few times danced close together and when we sit in a group she would place her hand on my knee when drinking.

I speak dirty and flirt with her in using my words and seems to love all the things I say.

Seems to orbit me around campus a lot without talking to me and knows my times when I'm out and about.

Prefers to talk, touch, flirt, stand next to me, then other students

One time she called me an asshole, then held onto my arm talking to me.

punched my arms - on a few occasions

laughs a lot when I speak

We had lunch twice together alone on campus and the conversation was not flirty and she spoke about her partner once on one occasion.

She has seen me flirt with many other girls at university.

Looks at my phone to see how is calling

walked her to the car all she did was giggle and hold on to my arm while we walk.

We challenge each other and argue

She has made contact first a few times by phone.

If I make contact she responds straight away.

However when she is drunk she can get touchy feely with other guys.

She remembers past conversations and interactions.

We hardly ever speak about studies or our partners but there has been times we did.

Has given me advice that I should keep away from other girls cause I have a partner.

We don't hardly text or call each other most interaction are done when we see each other, I think cause of our partners this is limited.

Are we just friends or she attracted to me
Are we just friends or she attracted to me?
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