Why she started to flirt again now?

This woman flirt with me a lot , we always make eye contact sometimes she smile , one day i went to her and her friends while they are doing a contast , she ignord me and looked at her phone but next day shlookd at me smiling , then someones interduced me to her while working she said hey welcome without looking at me , but then later she came to her frid office while i was there and asked her about if she would go with her , then i left to check some work her friend told me she is leaving when i got back to the office it was locked she i knocked she opened for me then she just sat there with her phone she talked with her other friend , her frid left so she put her phone near me then she left to the bathroom then she got back and took it , i text her later when i found her number and said that i would like to know her she said she doesn't lnow me and flirted with another guy infront of me , i just ignored her i stopped looking at her at all but she kept looking , i left for months when i got back she started to look at me i ignored her , one day she was walking then she came back opened the doir and looked directly at me for seconds , then she looked at her phone , then after that i saw her in the morning i didn't look and kept walking today when she saw me sitting she came with her friend and sat right next to my friend evem though there was a lot if seats , so im wondering why she is looking again is it only because the other guy is not here? What does she want? And what does she think of me when i ignore her a lot?
Why she started to flirt again now?
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