Do you believe drunk words are sober thoughts?

I I Wanted to get everyone's take on this subject,: my brother introduced me to some of his work buddies in October and we instantly got along. On my 25th birthday one of his friends from work “ Andy” brought they cousin who is 21 “Bryan”, he was kind of shy when I would talk to him, I talked to everyone that night no big deal. But I noticed he kept coming back to dance with me, anyway he seemed way more talkative when he had a few drinks in him. (Don’t we all). Anyway a week later it was Andy’s birthday and he had a small get together at his house for birthday, family mostly, I noticed Bryan’s face turn bright red when I spoke to him we were sitting in a circle just talking and laughing. The next day we all went out to celebrate my friend’s birthday since it had fallen on a Thursday. I was sitting between him and another one of his friends from school “Carlos”. His friend seemed pretty interested in me right from the start and started talking to me, asking me a bunch of questions, complimenting me. I saw Bryan try and speak up a little more and he even wanted to pay for everyone's drinks there was 8 of us. We left and went to another bar, he walked next to me on the way there and he kept telling his friends (who were a couple) how jealous he was of them. When we got to the bar we all had a few more drinks (maybe like 3 more beers) and Carlos was telling me he thought I was cute and liked the way I had done my hair. Bryan kinda stepped in and asked me to do him a favor and order a water for his cousin who was super drunk, because " I was a beautiful woman, I'd have no problem" his friend stood down at his point, and that gave him a chance to tell me the last time he saw me he was glad we got to dance so much on my birthday and he wanted me to text him and gave me his number... has this every happened to anyone and if so, did you think there was any truth to what they said?
Do you believe drunk words are sober thoughts?
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