What does this look - stare, really - mean in your opinion?

A bit of back story - This barista guy used to flirt with me a lot - tried to figure out if I had a boyfriend, etc. Although he never asked me out, he did everything short of actually asking for my number. (I think he didn't do anything in part because he was leaving to study abroad and had just broken up).
Anyway. I didn't expect to see him again and our goodbye was kind of... well, sad... but he's back and I walked in last night and he was like "you thought you were rid of me, but secretly you hoped..." and generally talked for a bit. I am awkward and rambled over him so we kept it light but he did give me a sort of lingering look when he first started talking.
Now for my question. There's this look he's always given me - I'll walk around the corner and have to move around him and he'll just stare at me, silently, eyebrows raised, and even if it's accidental he doesn't break it with a smile - he just stares until I awkwardly smile and am like oops excuse me. Sometimes he does break it with a smile and a remark but usually it's just this - look. It's not even flirty, it seems kind of unconscious, like he can't help it. The *only* thing I can think of is he just finds me super attractive and wants to stare.
Any ideas?
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What does this look - stare, really - mean in your opinion?
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