Why do women judge men on texting?

i'm 24... and I consider myself to be an old-fashion guy. What I am about to say may freak you out:

-I don't use social media AT ALL!

-I have an iPhone 5s (had an iPhone since the first 1 came out)... but I don't really use any of the apps. Just the stock investing app, news app, weather app, etc.

-I didn't really start texting until about a year ago!

I am not bad with women in real life. I have no problem meeting women, getting their numbers, etc. But... as soon as I start texting a girl... we text maybe 1-5 times and then they start ignoring me!

Why do so many women judge a man's worth based on a few texts?

An actual conversation is very different from texting (to me it is).

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+1 y
Should I judge the quality of a woman just because she hates picking up the phone and probably can't hold a conversation on the phone?

See the logic?

The only type of communication that really matters is face to face, but people are forgetting that -_-
+1 y
-When I text a girl, I use proper English . In fact, sometimes, when women text me, they use slang -_-

-I consider myself to be a "boring texter". Emoticons don't really convey anything... in fact, people use them to display "fake" emotions.

-I have a friend who is a great texter with women, but is "boring" to them in real life. Real life interactions are greater than texting. You can fool someone into thinking you are someone you're not through texts.
Why do women judge men on texting?
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