What does it mean when a guy says that he can't take a girl seriously?

I like this guy since high school, now we are in the same college, we don't have classes together. Anyways, two weeks ago I told one of his best friends (while we were drunk) that I liked this guy and if he could introduce us, bla bla... He said yes, but if I set him up with my bff. Last week my bff send out invites to her birthday party, she invited the guy that likes her, and she told him to invite the guy I like.
Now all his group of friend and him know I like him.

I saw his Twitter and he tweeted last night "Why would I hurt her if I'm not going to take her seriously" I know, it could be for anyone, but if the shoe fits?
I don't know why would he not take me seriously, I have never had a bf before, yeah I have kissed guys but non where from our high school, and much less from his friends.
What I think is that because two of my closest friend have had "no strings attached" relationships with two of his best friends he thinks I'm the same.
He is a really shy and quite guy, I have never talked to him in person, just once and he was really drunk, so I think he doesn't remember.
What do you guys think?
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one of my girlfriends who is with one of his friends asked him and he said to her "He is not into the NSA kind of relationship" she answered back that I was not into that kind of relationship either... so that makes me think that he was judging me because of my friends.
What does it mean when a guy says that he can't take a girl seriously?
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