Have you ever just had that one person?

Have you ever just had that one person who you see but you don't really know. You might have spoken a quick short conversation before. You know some about this person and they're just so great of what you know about and you just wish you could know them better and possibly be with them? Like you see such value in this person and it's more than some dumb crush but you don't love this person nor are in love with this person. It's really weird, I think. But this person just fits these standards. These important things (not like how someone looks or how they talk or how they dance/act/sing/perform/etc. but rather morals and values and things that matter in regards to having agreements on like religion or politics). I have one class with this person but it's not like a normal class where you can talk to each other. It's concert band. We set up and get ready to play and that is that. It's weird. I have no reason really to ever talk to them and they're usually busy doing something important or hanging with their guy friend. I'm not too sure what to really do. It's probably just pathetic like most of these situations tend to be but what's great about it is that it's not this crush thing like oh my look at that guy he's attractive. woah look at that guy he's soooo intelligent and funny and those arms. It's not like that. But the issue is he's too good for me. I strive to be the best I can be but it seems as though that won't be enough for him. But he's a great guy.. I don't know. But he's been with people who have so much more to offer. Lately he seems to be nearer. He actually asked me a question yesterday about something regarding a piece we play. So of course, unintentionally, I ask a really stupid question. Like, what did you just do -.-. Now I'm going on a tangent. The purpose is to ask this.. Have you ever just felt like someone truly is so perfect for you.. not for what they look like or how they treat you.. just how they are and how similar but different they are?
Have you ever just had that one person?
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