Personal space - doesn't move away? Comfort or attraction?

Hi all, my crush has been standing pretty close although seems to move away if he notices. Last night we were at the store and looking at something and ended up pressed together at the arms and he didn't react or move away at all even though we were basically leaning on each other. Also he reached around me to look at a product and I ended up sort of tucked into him - like if he had wanted to kiss me I was right there. Although he didn't do anything about it, he didn't try to move away either and I don't see how he couldn't have noticed that I was like 4" from his face. When he shows me stuff on his phone he either squashes close or once he stood right behind me and looked over my shoulder. Like - I can feel how warm he is.
I mean, he's a good friend - do you think it's just him being comfortable or being attracted? None of my other guy friends do this.
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I'm not talking about him making a move, I'm talking about him not moving away/getting closer.
Personal space - doesn't move away? Comfort or attraction?
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