How do I know she's got a boyfriend?

There's a hot girl in my school and she's a junior and I'm a senior (in high school). She had transfered from another school to mine and it seems she has very little friends with her. I only see her during one class and we sit right next to each other. I make her laugh when I do stupid things such as joking around or with the teacher or just stupid things. When I do, she keeps a constant eye contact with me.
When I walk in the classroom, she immediately puts her head down; and when I sit down she is on her phone texting someone and laughing sometimes. So is she with a boyfriend since she laughs at texts and barely talks to me?
***Here's something funny though, she'll sometimes move her head towards her right (looking at me) and stay there for a little till I look at her or near her way. So does she have a crush on me or not? Plus, when I would talk to her, she would try to figure out an answer to answer it and she would make eye contact with me as long as I maintained eye contact with her.

But the main question lies: Does she have a boyfriend due to how she would laugh at her texts like she does have a boyfriend. I dont want to be an ass and just ask, "You got a boyfriend?" I want to take her to prom but it would be a dick move to ask her if she already has a boyfriend; and I would like to give her flowers for Valentine's day to show her I like her.

I just don't know how to ask her if she has a boyfriend or to see if she does. I want to show her I like her but it would be stupid to do it if she's already taken. Someone help me please before time runs out!!!
How do I know she's got a boyfriend?
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