Does this mean we are over?

This girl started to flirt with me. she was: smiling all the time, saying my name all the time, trying to gain my attention. asking how i'm doing. She grew on me so I started to flirt back, just that i was a bit more direct about my interest. Also started to talk over this chat app at least once every two days, for hours.
Others would say we are in love with eachother. While i would play along, she would just keep a straight face and act like nothing was said. She did say she is shy, but come on.
I started to get tired of being the one to initiate all the time. we barely talk over the chat app now, we sometimes don't even say goodbye to eachother when the group meets and one of us leaves.
She sometims tries to gain my attention like she used to, but that's about it. I answer of course cause i still like her and respect her, when i try to initiate and others are around, she seems cold. Reacts better when less people are around.
Are we over?
Does this mean we are over?
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