Why aren't I bothered with girls anymore?

alright so check this out right, for some reason now a days im just not intrigued or interested in chasing for girls anymore. Im still a virgin i haven't dated any girls, and im just too tired to basically put soo much effort into trying to get with a girl whether she's pretty or not. It's like im not phased by them anymore. I dont know what it is but its like "ehh who cares". Just last week i went to a party and i didn't care too much about hooking up or dancing i was just laid back and chilling. And even when i was basically sexually molested by a girl i didn't know when she lifted my jumper and felt on me without my consent. I wasn't bothered to chase her or do anything but just lay back and chill. Why do i have this careless mood? Im not sure if its good or not either. Can you guys relate? Is this bad for me? Im a little confused about it all.
Why aren't I bothered with girls anymore?
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