Is this waitress on to me?

So my buddies and I frequent this 24 hour diner quite a bit, she's always been kinda flirty but on Friday I think she took it to the next level.

Usually it's 4 if us but Friday it was just going to be me and one of my other friends. I got there about 20 minutes before he did, noticed she was working and she told me what section to sit in for her to be my waitress. She told me about the group that was in earlier who left her a bad tip, people that had been rude to her etc. She asked me what I wanted to drink and after I told her she said "are you sure?" Which isn't really out of the ordinary.

Right after my buddy got there she came back to the table, looked at me and asked me if I wanted one of her name tags, I took it, put it on and wore it the rest of the night. She asked me if her headband looked alright, she asked us if we had any kids, and how old we were. We are the same age. She would always lean in on my side of the table, angled toward me, shed put her hand up below her ear on her neck sometimes. She never crossed the table to my friends side unless it was to get him another drink or something. She would tell us about other people she was waiting on and she never really made eye contact with my buddy for more then a few seconds, it was mainly just me. She told me she was working the same hours the next day too. After we ordered she brought us out food. Both if us got chicken fried steak. She looked at me and said "here, here's you a heart shaped chicken fried steak" and gave my friend his and said "we'll they just come out that way I guess". They did look pretty similar. When we were leaving she saw us and said "so you're just gonna leave me here?"

You think she has something for me or is she just a really flirty waitress? If it makes a difference she is really petite and highly attractive. I'm a regular there. I wouldn't think I'd have been "given" a name tag if she didn't though.

What do y'all think?
Is this waitress on to me?
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