Does he hate me? How do I fix this?

Does he hate me?

This guy i know from outside of school moved into my school and I was acting like my stuck up self and thought he's would try to get with me and I would play hard to get so I ignored him and acted like he wasn't new. This was last year. Fast forward to this school year and now I have class with him. I did the same. I guess it's cause I wanted him to talk to me first. I hate the class we have together. I'm very quiet in it and a loner I practically hate everyone except for him. I thought he'd be the one person I have but I tried to pay him no mind even though I was dying for him to talk to me :( He actually did say hi like 3 times and attempted to talk to me but I blew it and acted stuck up and gave attitude :( I dont even give him eye contact or laugh at his funny jokes, (he's class clown) Now I think he's just done with me. He doesn't even look at me, when I walk into the class late he makes sure he's not looking. He even avoids me :'( i sit next to him in class now. When they told me I tried to smile but he looked away. I thought he liked me, now he hates me :'(
Does he hate me? How do I fix this?
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