We texted for 8 hours, he said some things that seemed flirty, but I'm not sure if he likes me?

I've been sort of friends with this really sweet guy for about 6 months and I kinda like him. I'm 22, he's 23. I started a conversation with him yesterday because he told me I should hit him up because he'd love to get to know me better. It lasted from 4:20pm-12:12am. Almost 8 hours on and off. Part of our conversation went like this, after I told him I felt like a square peg in a round hole a lot of the time:

Him: Square pegs may not fit in round holes but they fit perfectly with other square pegs ;)
Me: Hahah very good point, but square pegs are so hard to find
Him: That's because they hide in plain sight, but I think you've found one without knowing it ;)
Me: Perhaps :)
Him: Well you'll have to find out for yourself :P
Me: Ha I will try
Him: Then you will have to come down to [town he lives in] more often then so we can hang out

A few messages later I said he was also welcome to come visit me (we live 45 minutes apart), and he said, "I might just have to :D"
And after I came up with something we could possibly do when we hang out, he said, "Soooo down lets do this!"

Before this conversation, he also apologized to me for not spending as much time with me as he'd like because he's always super busy when we see each other, and said I could talk to him at any time of day if I ever need to talk to someone.

He hugs me whenever he sees me, and often does things like touch me on the arm when he talks to me.

Normally I'd be pretty sure a guy liked me if he did all this stuff, but it's hard to say with him. He's a SUPER friendly, outgoing, confident guy in general, and usually I am wrong when I think guys like me. He talks to and hugs other girls too, but maybe not as much as me.
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We texted for 8 hours, he said some things that seemed flirty, but I'm not sure if he likes me?
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