I'm feeling super silly now, why?

this guys I really like has been texting me, and I've been kinda ignoring him, sometimes, just because I like him very much and I don't want to feel vulnerable anymore with him.

But today he texted me, and this was our conversation:
him: how's it going?
me: Johnny, hi! doing good, just super busy
-hey gorgeous, I'm at xxxx and have to pick up xxx in a moment. Well, just thinking about you, wanted to see how you were
-thinking about you too
-what were you thinking? I'd love to read your mind
-thinking that you're silly :P
-lol, I like it

then, I was going to text something else, but took me a long time, so he texted me again:

-what? I saw you texting, tell me!
me: haha nothing

and that was all. I'm feeling so vulnerable with this guy, do you guys think it was noticeable I was nervous and excited? I regret that last text "haha nothing" how silly!!!
I'm feeling super silly now, why?
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