Am I cheating? or what?

I just recently started working with this company. This co-worker of mine was nice and always smiles and whenever he sees me greets me good morning, asks how are you, any plans for the weekend? - small talk. We interact most of the times since we're always working on clients... we talk about everything, work, family, hobbies, interests, etc. I wasn't sure if he's flirting sometimes, but, I must've misread it. One time, we had lunch with another co-worker, t'was ok. Second time when I got my car, he asked when will I take him for a spin, so we had lunch together... he opened the door for me, since he's driving. It was fun. Next at our Christmas party, we didn't hang around, but, caught him glancing. He walked me to my car and bid a friendly hug - thought that was sweet. Recently, my bday - he took me to lunch :). I really enjoyed the conversation and time with him, and I think he does too. I like the how sweet he is, opens the door for me, help me putting on my coat, etc. We laugh about everything, spongebob, jetsons, movies, etc.

I find it lonely when he's traveling. However, he calls me first thing in the morning and leaves a vm. Asking some petty stuff.

SO... I am not looking for a serious relationship, but, I just like the attention, longed for the caring and thoughtfulness, sweetness of this guy.

I love my family. Am I going to burn in hell? Am I cheating?
Am I cheating? or what?
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