Did my co workers ruin my chances with her?

So I told some of my co workers I like a girl who works at one of the other companies right next to us. Well occasionally i'll see her taking out the trash and one my jobs is to take out the trash. One time I saw her so I took out the trash at the same time so I could go talk to her. (romantic right?) lol. It actually worked out great cause we talked and helped dump each others trash in the dumpster. haha Anyways, about three weeks later she was taking out the trash again and all my co workers were leaving and they were all snickering about her and telling me to take out the trash as they were walking to their cars. Well I'm pretty sure she her them cause she looked over and looked at them and then right at me. Do you think that ruined my chances? I was mad cause she rarely does take out the trash and I could have actually went and talked to her if they didn't do that. Honestly I don't know if they messed up my chances with her or created a good conversation starter for the next time I see her.
Did my co workers ruin my chances with her?
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