Any ideas on how to handle Asperger's and flirting?

I recently went to see a psychiatrist, for a number of reasons, and he shared with me that his wife and son have Asperger's syndrome and that within 5 minutes of talking to me he realized that I most likely do as well. I know very little about it, and even less about how to deal with it. Unfortunately I read too much into things, for example if a girl talks to me, I suddenly think she likes me. Back when I was in high school I was having a good month if I spoke to a girl once, so any time a girl started the conversation with me it was very special. The problem is that I cannot read people or their language. If someone is speaking sarcastically I cannot identify that, unless I already have a base experience with that person's sarcasm. So it is annoying in normal situations, and frustrating when I try to flirt, I cannot tell if a girl likes me, or even if I am making a fool of myself. Any help would be appreciated and I'm sorry if anyone feels like I'm rambling.
Any ideas on how to handle Asperger's and flirting?
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