I'm really sad today :( can someone say nice things to me?

I think I've been played. He was my friend, and one day he started being really flirty to me. We'd go to a bar, and he'd want to take a selfie with me where he's kissing my cheek, and then he'd insist on walking me home even though he lives in a different direction. We'd go ice skating and he'd pretend that I was about to fall, and hug me tight. I thought we had crazy chemistry, both physically and personally.

He told me over text that he wanted to get to know me better, and asked me out on a date, and called me cute and beautiful. Then we started talking less and less, and when we did talk, he just wanted to talk sex with me. How he doesn't like sex with condoms, what he likes to do in bed, and so on. When I didn't respond with sexual messages, he became pretty distant. It's been two days since we last talked, and I know that he's been texting our friends but he won't talk to me :( I think he's gone forever, and although I should be glad since he seems a bit sketchy, I'm really really sad. It's Friday night and I'm in my room crying :(
I'm really sad today :( can someone say nice things to me?
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