What to do if I dont have a girl to bring to prom?

I loved this shy junior girl who moved into my high school last August. But I looked on Facebook and she is with one of my friends (picture tells a thousand words) but her account doesn't say anything though she only has one mutual friend and that's that boy that's holding her (like a friend would do because someone is taking a photo; he's a hockey player and she works for the newspaper for our high school so maybe just friends or a picture idk). That was January 18th though so I don't know whats going on. When I would see her in my class, she acts all shy around me, talks fine to others if they talk to her. But if I try and talk to her, she's quiet and shy about it. She dresses nice everyday and I sometimes comment on how good she looks but I don't know. I don't see the two ever hang out though I see her only one time and the boy another time. I don't know if she is still with him or not or they're just friends. It pisses me off not knowing but I want to take someone to prom and I don't know any other girls who are single. What should I do, consult the boy and say if he's dating her (boyfriend wise) or consult her and ask if she's got a boyfriend?
What to do if I dont have a girl to bring to prom?
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