Is he Gay or bisexual?

When he looks at me he gets red in his face. when were in a stunt we stand close and we usually stare at each other like sexually and chuckle. I've never felt like this with anyone and when I first met him I knew there was something between us. He also stand really close next to me when were at practice! He makes me feel like I can be myself. Sometimes i catch him staring at my boobs. Sometimes he chokes up and says stuff that doesn't make sense or he can't get his words out. He also jokes around with me playfully sometimes. I am a Lesbian but I think he's gay or bisexual I'm not sure bc he makes comments on some guys photos like "sexy" for example, but on instagram he comments on photos and he puts kiss faces and calls girls from my team "babe". The most sexual contact we've had was stretching at practice. Our coach made us grab partners and stretch. When we stretch we do something called a heelstrech which is when you grab your foot and pull it to your head standing up. So he grabbed me and when he was stretching me he grabbed the side of my boob and put his "thing" on my v*****. Once he even got a bo***.
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Is he Gay or bisexual?
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