Was he flirting with me?

On Saturday my parents and I went to a restaurant. The waiter that waited on us I noticed kept staring at me and almost having like a gaze look in his eyes. I thought maybe he was checking me out or flirting. My mom said he was. I asked for tea and he brought me hot tea instead of iced tea. Then he went back and got me the iced tea. He kept walking back and forth past our table while turning around to look at me every time. When he brought our food he was shaking and forgot my stepdads hash browns so he went back to get those along with ketchup. Then he came back and asked how the food was. A few minutes after that he came back and asked if we wanted refills and then he smiled at me. My mom said he was smiling only at me and that he kept finding every way to come back to the table. Then when we were about to leave, I caught him staring at me again. Was he flirting with me or just being nice?
Was he flirting with me?
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