Why does he asks "what do you want from me"?

I know this man he's older. We flirt whenever we see each other at work. He works in another department. Upon laying eyes on each other we both were extremely attracted so we attempted to sleep with each other but i was too scared and it didn't work because i changed my mind We started talking for a few months he's been single for a few years after a bad relationship. I also told him I was just getting out of a relationship. We stared out texting every day he'd. Text me all times of the night and day. We would tell each other we were thinking of them in the middle of the day. One day things just went cold. No more texts but he still talks to me and flirts when he sees me at work. I miss him so ill just text to say hi. Now even tho he's nice to me he often asks me what do I want from him. I tell him nothing just to get to know him better and be his friend but why does he asks me that. He's asked me this twice. I asked if he wanted me to stop talking to him which he avoided answering. So if he wants to know what I want and don't want me to leave him alone flirts with me when he sees me. Texts me once in a while. Don't want a relationship... What is he doing and why... Is he making fun of me or toying with me?
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Things started happening too fast with us too soon. I didn't even know him. He always said he didn't want to get into a relationship from the beginning of things. I tried making myself available to him but he stood me up. I don't understand if he doesn't want a relationship or to have sex. He says he wants to be friends... Maybe that's his nice way of letting me off the hook but when I see him in person he's so different he makes it a point to flirt with me. He knows that I want to be with him.
Why does he asks "what do you want from me"?
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