Should I make a move or keep our friendship?

I'd love some advice :).
We're 17-18 y. o, he's my classmate and we've known each other for half a year. When we first met he would constantly hit on me at parties and I would politely excuse myself as I thought he tried to take advantage of me. Meh is my first love, though. The past months we've been talking a lot and we have some sort of connection - as if we have emotionally bonded and yet no one is taking it further. We would gaze into each other's eyes for half a minute and I can't seem to look away. It scares me to lose control like this and I can't seem to get him out of my head. We talk and stare at each other each day and yet we just 'like' on social media and never text nor make calls which is odd. He always sits beside me and he would always touch his hair and act nervous though he's usually quite confident around girls. We joke about traveling the world together as we're both explorers (/dreamers) ;). One night at our friends' party he would ask if he could sleep beside me and we would conversate then cuddle and spoon for eight hours straight without him trying to take it further - we only kissed each other on the nose and laugh, him wrapping his arms around my waist all night. We respect each other a lot and are always very honest - yet no words are being said when it comes to this.. We never talked about - he only whispered 'my love' while drunk. I have emotionally bonded with him and I don't know what to do - should I even make a move? Wouldn't he had done this already if he was interested?
Should I make a move or keep our friendship?
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