Is he shy or just... uninterested?

This guy is just driving me crazy. We're both 18.

I met him on a formal party, we even danced together. He saw I was feeling cold and gave me his jacket, detail I found really sweet. Then, when we were with a group of friends, I asked him for a pic togethe (and by the way I still keep it)

Then, when we had to say goodbye, he gave me a long hug.

I was the one who added him on Facebook. He doesn't use it very much, though. But I hated the fact that he never chatted me or tried to make any contact.

Then I saw him again after a week at an outing with friends. When he saw me, we gave each other a long hug (which my other friends found weird) and there was a chemistry that I say could even be touched. He even looked at me from time to time.

As it was a big group, and he's somewhat shy, he stayed apart with another guy and I hanged out with the rest of the group; though I tried to be somehow close to him.

I could overhear some of his conversation with his friend. He was telling him about his ex and hearing that make me feel sooo bad.

After that outing, as he didn't talk me on Facebook, I decided to send him a message and give a first step. I sent him a casual "Hi, how are you doing?" casual kind of thing, but his answers were short and somewhat distant, so I decided to stop chatting.

Buuuut he's in my mind all the time. I know is quite obvious he isn't interested, but I still think that "If i did something different..." or blah blah blah he could start liking me or who knows. And it gets me frustrated, because I felt there was some kind os sexual tension when we were together.

I'm seeing him again next week. What should I do?

And sorry if my English is bad!
Is he shy or just... uninterested?
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