Guys and Girls: please vote, does my guy friend like me?

I think my guy friend might like me, and I really like him but I'm afraid he will reject me, here's the facts:

-We used to work together and I would always catch him looking at me
-He touches my arm a lot and makes eye contact while doing so
- he teases me a lot
-Mirrors my movements and ny language
- drives an hour to spend time with me alone
-Before when he had a gf he would talk about her with everyone but me, including other female friends
- compliments me a lot
-Confides in me and asks for my advice on like job related stuff
-Occasionally texts me but not a lot
-I usually have to reach out to him, but he seems happy to talk to me and always agrees to hang out
- a close female mutual friend said that he isn't the pursuing kind, so I would need to ask him
- he has acted nervous around me, which is pretty out of character for him
- we have a lot in common and I feel like we balance each other... it's really easy being around him if that makes sense
- He lost his job a couple months ago and his gf (who was weird any way... so I hear, and LD) broke up with him
- he would notice when other guys checked me out and when guys would flirt with me
-Thank you for reading this:)
yes he likes you and you should ask him out
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he sees you as a friend and you should wait to see if something develops
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Guys and Girls: please vote, does my guy friend like me?
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