Can someone please answer: Is he just going to get tired and move on? Thank you?

I've been getting to know this guy. He's cool I guess but things are just not as solid as I would want. Sometimes I feel like he's not even interested. Its crazy how we met (Facebook) we used to go to the same gum but we never knew each other, were both from the same city and all. We started talking through Facebook then text. I let him in on my life (job, family and, personal things) just in a matter of days but he didn't really open up to me as much as I did. We text every now and then but there's times where he just doesn't even say hi or ask how my day went. This past Valentine's day he didn't even bother saying hi at all. In the past he had asked me out (within one week of knowing each other) but I never gave him a definite answer (I guess I was just holding back because I just don't know him as much as he knows me regarding info) so I always side tracked the conversation and there's times where I just stop texting back and no more than two days later he will reach out again. Today he asked me how I was doing at (6:38pm) and I didn't reply but later he texted iwas wondering if you were still interested in going out next week (8:18 pm). I then replied how my day had gone and asked him how his day went. Then I once again side tracked the conversation to the poverty in America lol then I stopped texting because I began watching the movie Divergent (Definitely recommend it) and he sent like six messages while the time Indians reply and the last one said "btw I'm still waiting on your answer". I read them but didn't reply. I also out of lack of knowing what to say I'm not planning on texting back. I just dont know what to tell him, I just feel like he's trying to move things at a fast pace and I on the other hand first want to get to know him.
Can someone please answer: Is he just going to get tired and move on? Thank you?
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