How so I get over a guy who doesn't crush me back?

Ahhh!!! I'm so frustrated and heart crushed at the same time! I have the madder crush on a guy friend :(. We've known eachother for about a year and I've been crushing on him for a good half or more of that!! When I say crush I mean I got or bad! I think about him all day, I get mad jealous whenever I think theirs a girl in the picture, and I constantly message and text him. I think he might know but I hide my jealousy well and we don't discuss eachother dating lives at all. We really don't even hang out anymore but I still always initiate conversation with him. He never texts or calls me first or invited me too anything! My friend told me I'm being a sucker if I'm doing all the contacting and that I should back off. I agree completely but then I start missing him and I text or call him again. But I know this isn't helping me get over him either. We were never romantic or hooked up. But I need to shake this.. Advice please :(
How so I get over a guy who doesn't crush me back?
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