Not a good sign?

This guy looks/stares at me a lot and is often around me but he doesn't say hi despite I talked to him before "well very vey briefly (to let him know that I acknowledge him in the background at least ) plus his friends keeps looking at me too...
But I think he doesn't talk to me because I look pretty focused usually, my bro's there (I made it clear that he knows it's my bro) and I don't really look at him often nor smile "but when I do look at him he's doing something or just different timing"

What you think this guy wants? I thought he was interested but maybe not? What should I do?
+1 y
Maybe a good sign?
+1 y
What is a good way to show interest back at him if he is interested "other than talking" (sometimes i don't have time)
Not a good sign?
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