Did I just ruin my chances?

The girl i like and me were having a convo on Facebook (it was a small convo and our 2nd convo online though).
Our first convo was great, and she seemed to enjoy it a lot. Now this convo was almost terrible in comparison, she showed interest, but not as much as last time. Also she answered after a long time (about an hour).

At the end of the conversation, I wanted to test out if she likes me: She complimented me on something, and i replied by a :) smiley. I was expecting her to say something back, but she didn't.

So my question is:
Could it have been that she didn't know where to talk about (i actually didn't know either), or doesn't she like me?
And should I talk to her again on FB (we have holiday, so we dont see each other irl), but what to talk about/how to start a new convo.
And do you have any tips to get her to like me a bit more?

Also, would it be good if i invited her to a game (phone game), like draw something? I think it would be nice to play with her though
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Any more answers? ;)
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Me needs opinions :p
Did I just ruin my chances?
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