I am afraid a married man approaches me?

So this man who is married has been approaching me persistently over the last year or so.
I never took it seriously and interpreted it as him being friendly, chatty and reliving memories of his youth. Now I'm
starting to wonder whether he flirts with the intention of actually seducing me. It's been going on for so long and when I
look at all the things he does objectively, I must say that he definitely shows strong signs of interest.
I always brushed it off as him being super nice and trying to prove to himself that he still "has it", but what if he
is actually serious about wanting an affair with me? (How dumb could he possibly think I am anyway?)

I think in this situation specific details are of help:

He totally invades my personal space, comes very close to me, touches me whenever possible ("accidently") and has started
to hug me. But not so much in front of others. His body basically gravitates towards mine.
Then he tries to be awfully funny, laughs and brags a lot. He gets nervous when I'm around. He makes remarks
about my looks and personality ("beautiful", "you are a good person"), asks if I have a boyfriend.
He belittles people who are not nice to me. He smirks when I look at him and tells me personal stories.
He always helps me out, has told me I am near his heart and gives me special attention (calls me away from everyone else
in order to hug me etc.). And he is always very charming and chivolrous.

What catches my attention is the consistent touching, laughing and complimenting.

What do you think?
Is this still harmless or is he really pursuing an affair?
I don't want to overinterpret things, yet I need to be careful for my own good!
I am afraid a married man approaches me?
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