I like my dance partner.. any flirting tips?

I started taking salsa lessons , and there's this guy who's very handsome. Everytime when my turn comes to dance with him he starts asking me questions trying to make me feel more comfortable. I'm very cool and fun when I'm around guys that I don't have interest in, but this one makes me nervous because i like him but i don't want to be just like the other girls (all over him). I noticed he talks to every girl that he dances, i'm not the only one and this is the main reason why I don't feel confident enough and have fun, because i think that he sees me the same way as other girls. Sometimes i act rude , it's like a self defense even though the guy never said anything wrong
Any tips on how to act, or flirt or anything.. :/
I like my dance partner.. any flirting tips?
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